Medicine Manager

Medicine Manager

Industry: Health service

Lack of medicine management and medicine track is a struggling issue that comes with excessive medicine orders and no respectable track of supply records. The following effect is a massive amount of destroyed medicines because of the expired date, with huge costs as a final consequence.

DataFlux Fixer

The solution was to devise a Medicine Manager app with a comprehensive Big Data Analytics in order to present statistics over time. The manager is firmly capable of administering classification and recording of medicament imports. MM provides real-time inventory and new orders tracking. Another feature is the Anomaly detector with an automatic alert in case of deviation from the usual KPI behavior. Medicine Manager also gives a prediction report showcasing what medicines are low in numbers and how much is needed depending on previously calculated indicators, such as weekly, monthly, seasonal repetitions, etc..

Clients Benefits

  • Reduction of unnecessary orders
  • Fully automated inventory records
  • Reduction of destroyed medicines due to expiry date
  • Huge money savings