KAFKASTIC goes to Oracle Cloud Marketplace!

Our One-click Kafka deployment with self-monitoring app KAFKASTIC is available now on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Kafkastic stack is installed in just 1 command. Don’t miss it!

KAFKASTIC goes to Oracle Cloud Marketplace!

October 30, 2020

Kafkastic is a powerful platform for fully automated operation and insightful monitoring of Apache Kafka, an industry-proven data bus technology, and in fact standard for high volume real-time stream processing. Kafkastic uses top-notch technology from CNCF to provide the best Kafka experience.

Stream processing of big data volumes is a use case for which Apache Kafka was created and nowadays the whole ecosystem of stream processing is dependent on Apache Kafka. That is why ease of managing and monitoring Kafka is of high importance. Kafkastic is a product that helps in meeting these requirements. Kafkastic is a platform that allows you to quickly create, manage, and monitor the whole Apache Kafka cluster.

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