A new frontier of relationship with technology

DataFlux GmbH is created with only one goal in mind: innovations. The main question that the company is devoted to is: How to improve everyday life by implementing state of the art solutions, independent of domain.

About Us
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New Age Data Solutions+

Using mainstream technologies, such as big data real-time stream processing, machine intelligence and virtual reality, DataFlux is building a range of solutions for shifting paradigm towards highly intelligent systems for monitoring and operations. Accepting recently emerged term system observability as a foundation of true DevOps paradigm, DataFlux is fully devoted to bring automation solutions to the new level. This level of machine capabilities surpasses automation by far, thus newly preferred term in this context is an autonomic or autonomous system. In this environment human actions are needed only for a genuine intelligent task, such as goal formation and highest-level decisions, while a machine is taking both repetitive and intelligent tasks, often providing improved results compared to the human capabilities.

Examples of such improved systems are autonomic big data system builder, autonomic problem-solving a.k.a root cause analysis and self-healing, performance monitoring based autonomic optimizations, etc.

We provide AI supported observability in Big Data systems. With our modular approach users can create complex Big data systems in a matter of hours. Our products enable you to observe your connectivity in real time, to predict outcome of specific actions, to find the root cause of the problem, solve the known issue automatically and many other features.

Knowledge for All+

Our mission is to get collective knowledge about specific domains and to train our AI models with the same. This means knowledge of hundreds, thousands of employees will be saved and reused when needed. Benefits for the clients are numerous. However, the most important one is that all knowledge will stay in the company, regardless if employees want to change the job.

Our Story+

The constant need to facilitate work, automate repetitive jobs, daydream about new technological advancements, and finally pure laziness has brought together the team behind the DataFlux story. Our idea was to create a smart system that would gather and apply the collective knowledge of people over the desired systems. After a great deal of information learned, our system will be able to make decisions independently and apply them to eliminate errors in the shortest possible time.

The background and success of this idea and its solution lies in the broad knowledge of domain knowledge in various IT fields. Knowledge of area, network, telecommunication and radio technologies on the one hand, and on the other hand a broad knowledge of the software languages and tools required for the development of a complex AI system.

Our People+

At Data Flux, we gathered a crew of diligent and inventive researchers of new frontiers of data technologies. Charged with experience coming from science and miscellaneous industries, Data Flux experts are not afraid to step into the unknown and discover new and uncharted data solutions that open a portal directly to the future ahead. The crew has university professors, PhDs. and experienced engineers and software developers who worked in large enterprises like Ericsson, T-systems, Infinium, and Google.

They are equipped with state of the art knowledge on network and telecommunication technologies, software architecture and development, and always eager to welcome new teammates in sharing the knowledge and passion for their work. Their quest for data knowledge is boundless and never-ending.


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