DF Observability

Any anomaly or malfunction that is happening in your system and giving you a headache, we can track and find the root cause of the issue in real-time.

DF Observability
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DF Observability Cut Costs and Speed Up Your Business

When the root cause of the issue is found, domain experts will provide the solution and train AI models with their knowledge (collective knowledge). After our AI models have learned enough information about your system, they will be able to fix old and new issues on their own. DataFlux Observability solution is modular, which means we can adapt it to the client's needs in no time and deliver custom made solutions for each customer.

DF observability enables superior system performance with lower costs for running the system. It represents the automation of problem finding and problem-solving. With faster reaction, problems in your system are solved much quicker with less or no impact on services.  And, the main advantage is the safekeeping of collective knowledge. The main strength of any company is knowledge and with DF observability it stays in the company.

Autonomic For Smooth Dynamic

The Observability platform gives us the possibility to customize the solution just right for your needs. Modules like deep analytics, aRCA, self-healing, predictive maintenance and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence enable us to provide you with everything that you need for the autonomic and smooth running of your business. It is an active monitoring, collective knowledge and real-time problem solver.