Root Cause Analysis

By actively observing the complete network, we can detect a problem in a fraction of a second. We can also detect where the problem occurs, but that’s not all. Most importantly we can determine the direct cause of the problem.

Root Cause Analysis
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Knowing the Problem

One of the key concerns is that a fully automated system will fail eventually. The learning machine still sounds alienated for most people. The human experience is an assurance that the first steps of any DF solution will run smoothly, detecting a problem instantly. DF experts are a safety net with their experience, safeguarding your new system and knowing the most common and site-specific errors that might occur.

DF Experts on the Watch

All events that bring specific error messages are correlated and classified as an incident by a human expert. Our experts will back up the system with a solution for the error in motion. The system will learn how to prevent errors in the future, so it will be completely ready for operating the problem that is featured. Bit, this is not the end of a watch for DF experts. Next stop - problem analytics.